Purchasing our beautiful Bella FurBaby from Wendy at PawssieDoodle was an awesome experience. We found her on the web, when we were doing a search online for doodles breeders in Colorado. We loved that she had videos of her litters, and Live Video camera of her current litters. Plus pictures on her site with the available puppies.

We emailed her and she responded quickly, allowing us to speak with her on the phone as well as allowing us to Face-time with her and our potential puppy.

We scheduled a time to meet. It was so great to get to come and see the litter and meet the parents, as well as see first hand, how well cared for and loved all the dogs are.

They all were very affectionate, and loving. Beautiful dogs, that were in excellent health. She even started educating us on the powerful benefits of feeding raw. Which I then took home and started implementing with my 9 year old Labradoodle.

We were so excited to get to bring Bella home at 8 weeks. She was clean and had all her papers and recommended shoots in order.

Bella was potty trained to her wood pellets in a tray, so we made sure we had that available for her coming home.

Bella is now 5 months old, and we love her so much. She is a wonderful addition to our family. She is so sweet, and affectionate, loyal and smart. She can sit, lay down, stay, leave, and has no trouble doing her business outside.

Wendy was wonderful through the whole process. Allowing us to visit Bella, and answering all our questions about how to care for her. Especially about training, raw feeding and minimal vaccinations for optimal health. 

You can see how much Wendy loves all her dogs and her puppies. You cant find a better breeder for your AussieDoodle! 

-Erikka Keefer September 2019

SanO has now passed the 5 month mark.  He lives with Tommy and 2 college roommates in Fort Collins. Of course I visit son and grand pup as much as possible. Thank you for such a great dog.  It was very easy working with you from the early time we picked out SanO from the web pictures. I have had breeder dogs all my life and think your approach to raising the puppies the first 8 weeks was the most comprehensive. We liked that SanO got his new name training before he even came home, was handled and loved up by you guys including your daughter. The way you potty trained the pups meant SanO came home almost 100 percent trained. It was easy to get the final training done in Tommy’s home quickly. His shots and care resulting in him coming home with no parasites and he has been super healthy. It is obvious how much you care for the puppies in all the sound exposure they got and the food you fed him. He is obviously a beautiful dog and gets attention every where he goes. He is a true cuddlier and wants to be in a lap.  But he is also high energy and will run and play frisbee with the college students. As you have seen from pictures he loves to fly Superman style why just walk down a few steps when you can fly. He is known as the “groovy dog” and heads always turn. Thanks again. I may need to get a pup for myself soon.

Peggy: SanO’s puppy grandma

I cannot recommend pawssiedoodle enough! Working with Wendy was a delight and her genuine love for the puppies really shows. I am local to the area and she even let me come meet Stickeen before it was time to pick her up and have a little play time. All of the puppies wanted to play and definitely got some of my attention. I was surprised by how comfortable they were with a stranger at such a young age. The way they are raised there definitely shows. Stickeen has never had any problems socializing with other people and following Wendy's advice made that even easier. Once she had all her vaccinations I immediately took her hiking and climbing with me and often other friends dogs. She always gets along great with friends and their dogs. If I'm climbing and tie her up for a little bit, she understood very quickly to take that time to nap and not be upset or anxious that I wouldn't be by her side for a little. Then when we moved to the next place, shed be excited to do some hiking and stay right by my side again. Training her has been incredibly easy. This is anecdotal, but she slept through the night the very first night I got her and has been pretty consistent with that to this day! At 5 months she was already pretty consistent with fetch and a number of other fun tricks. Fetch is a favorite for both of us because she gets excersise and loves it. 

The thing I'm most happy with is how much effort they put into socializing and getting them used to stimulation at a young age. The whole families love for the puppies is very obvious in the videos and even more so in person. 

A big thing for me was all of the advice Wendy gave and how well it has worked in making Stickeen the perfect puppy for me. I still ask her for advice and keep her updated to this day. Couldn't ask for a better experience:) 

Michael H.

I purchased an Aussiedoodle from Wendy in May, 2019.  I highly recommend her as a breeder!   Her dogs live in her home and are part of the family, which was important to me.  Wendy does extensive research to insure the health needs of her litters.  As a result of part of that research, we have our puppy on a raw diet, and he is thriving!
After meeting our puppy, it was hard to wait the 8 weeks to take him home.  During this time, Wendy sent us pictures of his progress, and an adorable video of his first bath.  I loved that she introduced different “sounds” to the puppies at a young age, as our other dog was terrified of thunder.  “Cooper” sleeps through storms, is 6 months old now, and is a healthy, happy puppy.  

Paula Adler

We had an awesome experience adopting Pascal from pawssiedoodle. Wendy was very involved, setting up a puppy cam so we were able to watch him grow, play, sleep, and eat with all his brothers and sisters. Her husband even took him on the plane and delivered him to us in NY. 

If you are interested in adopting an Aussiedoodle I would definitely recommend Pascal is super social, healthy, and we get compliments on him wherever we go!

Barry E.

Hi Wendy,
I want to tell you how happy we are with Mini, our almost 6 month old mini Aussiedoodle.  Mini came into our house and became Cooper our Goldendoodle’s shadow.  She follow’s him everywhere and mimics everything he does.  She jumps “over” him, he is 65 pounds!  She begs him to play with her all the time.  We just sit back and watch.  No better entertainment is needed.  She is in perfect health as I have continued her raw diet that you got her started on.  Cooper now has raw food added to his diet and now is a good eater.  No begging the dogs to eat here.  She is without a doubt the most affectionate dog we have ever owned.  At least once an hour, sometimes several times an hour she finds me sitting reading or knitting or gardening and jumps into my lap and gives me kisses. This involves licking my face and when she has had enough of that she turns around and wiggles into me with her butt until I rub her belly.  She then jumps down and runs to find Cooper.  Wendy you have been attentive to my every need and question during these 4 months we have had Mini.  I feel like we are now a family.  Thank you to the moon and back. Oh where ever we go every one adores her.  
A devoted client(family member)!
Pam Ferrari

Our Aussiedoodle Puppy, Remington, arrived in our home at the tender age of 7 weeks.  We were amazed that he was already 95% potty-trained and would sit on command--a true testament to the extraordinary care and early training provided by Wendy, Cozy and Bill.  Their philosophy of raising their pups in a loving, home-friendly environment has made our training efforts easier and rewarding.  Wendy Is totally committed to assuring that her pups are healthy and well-socialized prior to leaving her care.  Remington is thriving, and we couldn’t be happier.    I highly recommend Pawssiedoodle without reservation!

-Jo H. July/2019

We purchased our beautiful girl Millee Mae from Wendy at Pawsidoodle this past summer.  We had a wonderful experience from the start!  We got to watch our baby girl grow through pictures videos and the live video feed.  We were in love from the start!  We live in West Texas and looked all over Texas to find the perfect Aussiedoodle.  We had a deposit down on a puppy from another breeder, but they lost the entire litter to a parasite.  After searching and searching we found Wendy and her family’s gorgeous pups!  We drove all the way to Denver to pick her up.  Wendy’s puppies have the best start a puppy could have.  I read every single thing on her website and was quite impressed with her research and knowledge on how to raise healthy, loving, well balanced puppies.  Millee Mae is an absolute doll!  She’s smart, loyal, loving, curious and a little ornery!  Every person that meets her tells us they’ve never met a dog quite like her.  She has a big personality and isn’t afraid to let us know exactly how she feels about something.  She learned to use a bell to go outside within a few weeks and knows how to sit, stay, lay down, spin in circles, roll over, speak and give high five.  Millee Mae is the perfect combination of sweet and sass and is incredibly athletic!  We couldn’t love her any more!

Leslie McIntyre

My wife and did a lot of research before deciding on what type of Dog we wanted.  When we decided upon an Aussie Doodle we searched many web sites and read many reviews.  Wendy and her family stood out for their treatment and care for their Poodles and Australian Sheperd father (Zorro).  We picked up our puppy, (Hudson) a chocolate brown with a white tuxedo stripe in March, when he was 8 weeks old.  Hudson has a great temparent , he loves to play fetch and go for walks in the park and hikes.  We find him to be loving and loyal.  Hudson also receives compliments from strangers on his appearance and behavior, with people often asking where we got him.  We highly recommend Wendy and her family.  

Mark S Williams

My aussiedoodle puppy Chico is such a sweetheart. He is my little shadow and he is great with my kids! Wendy is very sweet and very knowledgeable. She kept me updated with pictures and videos while we waited for the day we could bring him home. Aside from the pictures and videos, my family really liked the live puppy cam! Definitely recommend Pawssiedoodle to anyone looking for a furry companion! 

-Reina O. July/2019

We have one of Glimmers first puppies and his name is Wally and he is THE happiest and most loving dog. He can hike 10+miles off leash, loves fetching a ball on the beach and even rides on our paddle board. He is extremely affectionate and loves to be pet and rubbed. He always wants to be wherever we are. Wendy and Cozy were amazing breeders. They sent us pictures weekly and we loved watching him 24/7 on their puppy cam. They spend so much time each day with their puppies and hold them constantly. I HIGHLY recommend them if you’re looking for an Aussiedoodle!!

-Lori O

I can't recommend Wendy's Exceptional Aussiedoodles more highly! We just took home our pup last week and he is settling in beautifully. Wendy did indeed take exceptional care in raising him, and it's so evident. He is easygoing, loving, joyful, and SO quick to train! He has been the perfect addition to our family. Thank you, Wendy! <3 

-Katharine Q.

Wendy and Cozy are wonderful breeders of AussieDoodles. They are knowledgeable, professional and compassionate so that every litter is excellently cared for, trained and prepared for their furever homes. If you want a puppy you can love instantly upon arrival, who will love you instantly upon arrival, you will not be disappointed by ExceptionalAussieDoodles. Our pup, Meeko (Glimmer x Zorro), was tenderly cared for by Wendy and Cozy for his first eight weeks, guaranteeing that we would love him when we brought him home. ExceptionalAussieDoodles...highly recommended.

-Ira A.

We got our little Luna just ten days ago. Great communication, puppy cams, weekly updates and photos from 1-8 weeks. Luna was well cared for and we love our new addition to the family - I highly recommend Wendy if you are looking for a breeder of Aussiedoodles! Thank you 

-Anthony M.

Wendy and Cozy do a wonderful job of giving their Auusiedoodle furbabies the best beginnings to life. Our Sweet Pea (Glimmer X Zorro) was cared for and loved from day one with careful monitoring, daily socialization, and tons of affection in their home. It is obvious they love what they do from their heartfelt smiles and the pups boundless love for them. My husband and I felt completely comfortable knowing not only were our puppy’s parents genetically tested before being breed, but they and the puppies received the best of veterinarian care and the highest quality food on the market. They even began puppy training before going to their fur-ever home at eight weeks. Everything about the parents’ and litters’ care was focused on their health and wellbeing and we trust them completely. If you are looking for an Auusiedoodle pup to welcome into your home, Exceptional Auusiedoodles are highly recommended! 

-Diane C.

Wendy!!! I recommend Wendy!!! When you get a dog you really don’t know what kind of environment they were raised in. But with Wendy, Cozy, and Bill, you know that your puppy was raised with nothing but love, attention, and care.  The weekly photos and videos make you feel confident in where your puppy is at before you get them, and makes you feel more prepared when taking them home. Thank you Wendy to you and your family for truely raising all your puppies with love and passion. 

-Alana L.

What a princess! We love our Lola (Auna’s 1st litter). Thanks Wendy & Cozy for your love, attention and training showered on our girl. Congrats and best wishes in your new business. Your pups will be “exceptional” indeed. 

-Tammy H.

 We have one of Wendy & Cozy's pups.  Our Gracie was 6 months old last week and she came to us at 8.5 weeks crate trained, did well with letting us know when she wanted to go out...and a real sweetheart.  Wendy checked in with us frequently once we got her home and was always available to answer questions.

-Anne C.

We have the most adorable seven month old red/chocolate tuxedo pup from Wendy's Glimmer and Zorro (the one in Wendy's photos!). Wendy, Bill, and Cozie are delightful and honest people to work with and my husband and I both recommend them most highly. You get to see your puppy on the video cam for the first few weeks. It is live and you can watch as often and as long as you like. Wendy feeds her pups the very best food, higher quality (and more expensive) than most breeders use. She also has a wealth of knowledge about vaccines and nutrition and spent so much time with me on the phone answering my many questions, and was sooooo helpful.  Our Annabelle was flown to us at 8 1/2 weeks. Her intense eye contact was noticeable almost immediately. She's slept through the whole night since she arrived. Potty training was relatively easy. She is so smart, learns quickly, loves to play, and play some more, alert, very energetic, funny and oh so entertaining. The only downside for us is that she has gotten car sick since we got her. We work with her daily but it remains a big impediment as we want to take her in the car with us everywhere. It is unfortunate but is something that cannot be predicted. Even so we wouldn't trade her for anything. She has brought so much joy and humor into our home.
If you are considering one of Wendy's pups, my advice to you is: don't hesitate! Go for it!

-Meridee C.