What Makes an Aussiedoodle?

Australian Shepherd (Zorro as a puppy)


The Australian Shepherd was bred as a herding dog. They are extremely agile, smart, loyal, protective and focused. Because of these instincts they tend to stay with you verses run away to chase other animals. Aussies have a ton of energy.  So, they especially need to be out with you playing or jogging or at the very least, they need lots of running/playing fetch or frisbee in the back yard.  Otherwise, they'll be lonely, bored and possibly even destructive. Aussies can be your best friend. They have a beautiful coat in a variety of colors that tends to shed.

Poodle (Pippa)


These super intelligant dogs make fantastic emotional support animals/therapy dogs. They’re friendly and kind, very affectionate and will stay loyally by your side for life. They do best with a good amount of daily exercise for both their body and spirit. Poodles are easily trained and are eager to please. This breed can be sensitive, intuitive and personable and desires your love and friendship. Poodles do not shed.

Aussiedoodle (Lacey & Zorro Adult Pup)


Aussiepoos are highly intelligiant and very social, making them great therapy or family dogs. Many suggest this breed mix is one of the smartest dogs on the planet. Training them early on is ideal because they quickly show a love for challenging activities, such as playing ball or frisbee. They do best with daily exercise, which will help to keep them out of mischief. Typically, when trained, the Aussiedoodle will follow your directions quite well. They are very loyal and will be content playing and then just sitting at their owners feet. Aussiedoodles may shed a little or not at all.

Ladies and One Gentleman-all fed an Amazing Quality Raw Diet



Auna is my 16 pound AKC red miniture poodle. She is incredibly loving to her pups and to her humans. She is amazingly agile and may sometimes out run her bigger dog friends. She is a very good mother keeping them clean, teaching them manners, giving them plenty of milk. Auna has the prettiest almond shaped eyes. She loves activity but would be happy sleeping next to you for a day of rest as well. Auna's puppies are among the calmest we've had so far. She and Zorro usually produce black sables, sables and blue/red/copper merle pups.



Glimmer is my 38 pound AKC silver beige small standard poodle. She too, is an awesome mama. I've seen her many times give up her most favorite chew sticks to her babies. She is extremely smart and very playful with lots of energy. She is very athletic, a great running partner. Glimmer loves attention and affection. Once in a while, I'll look at her and with those beautiful honey colored eyes, I think she can read my mind. :) Glimmer and Zorro have some blue merles, red merles, sables and tuxedos puppies.



Lacey is my 35 pound silver brown moyen size poodle. She is all heart and sweetness. She is amazingly calm, cool and collected. Even when she gets a treat she will take it in a very subtle lady like way. We call her "Bobby Ross" for fun, because she has the "Art of Chill."  After a day of fun playing fetch or going on a walk she thinks she is a lap dog and just loves to snuggle up to me.  Lacey and Zorro produce beautiful blue merles, red merles, tricolors, bicolors and tuxedos mini Aussiedoodle puppies.



This little sweetheart is amazing.  She has great eye contact and is certainly therapy dog worthy. Pippa is our 22 pound AKC registered moyen size poodle and will most likely have her first litter Spring of 2020. Pippa is very smart, loving and agile. She also has incredible balance. I think she could stand up on her back legs all day for the right treats. DNA color traits for this litte sweetie and Zorro conclude they will have a lot of white in their pups, and will probably produce blue merles, red merles, bi and tricolor mini aussiedoodle puppies.

EL ZORRO (the stud)


This romantic guy is 24 pounds of pure Australian Shepherd.  Zorro is all blue merle with tan points. He loves to run, protect our home, and even tries to herd the deer near our backyard. He is also a talker whenever he wants something. He will bark at something he considers danger but he's not a constant barker. Zorro is very loyal and affectionate especially now that he is an adult. At times, Zorro will even come and give me a special snuggle, because somehow he is aware when I've had a rough day. He has a very sensitive side with other animals in our home. When mama finally allows, he is also very sweet and gentle to his pups.

SONATA "SUNNY" (future mama)